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5 Crock Pot Recipes -DINNER FOR THE WEEK took me less than 45 mins!

SORRY the sound sucks :( Working on getting a better camera, but here is the recipe info below: Hawaiian Chicken: *2-3 boneless skinless chicken breasts *1/2…
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Once I learned how to cook meals in a crock pot I have been somewhat of a hero in my household. Always cooking up some great recipes int he crock pot. I like…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 01_LovelyCreation

    that seemed like alot of vinegar in the hawaiian chicken… #Ijs

  2. I Love your video plus the fact that you look the time to write it all down
    in the “About” section for us ( A big THANK YOU!!! for that ) 

  3. My go-to Crock Pot meal that I’ve made tons of times is SUPER EASY &
    SOOOO GOOD!!! Anyway, take CHICKEN THIGHS and/or CHICKEN LEGS (with skin &
    bones)…(no breasts or wings unless boneless, cuz it will leave too many
    bones when it’s finished) PUT THE CHICKEN IN CROCK POT (unless you’re doing
    it the BAG WAY, then put all of this in the bag as shown) ADD CREAM OF
    MUSHROOM SOUP & CREAM OF CHICKEN SOUP (1 or 2 cans each, depending on how
    much CHICKEN you’re using…AND THAT’S IT, COOK LIKE USUAL (or freeze if
    using the plastic bag method) & SERVE WITH WHITE RICE, because the soups
    when cooked with the chicken make THE BEST TASTING gravy for your
    rice…Add any veggie, we like it with BROCCOLI OR JUST SALAD…Trust me
    “MyMommyDays” and everyone else you’re going to LOVE this…Sheri
    LaCross…from central, CA :-)

  4. Love your video and your outfit! 

  5. can u do any non meat meals? thx

  6. Thank You so much for sharing Im a bachelor and these easy recipes work for
    me, Im trying the Hawaiian today, i will let you know how it turn out :)

  7. Precious baby! Think they eat a lot now, wait till their teenagers lol.
    Great video. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Good video but why did u write the recipe on the bag?

  9. 6-7 hours? how long do you need to slow cook it when the meat/chicken is

  10. Just tried the Hawaiian Chicken tonight. Boy, that was good! Gonna try the
    Garlic Honey Chicken this weekend.

  11. Thanks for posting.I’m going to try some of the recipes,they look good.

  12. Thank you for taking the time to post this, i was so looking for some easy
    meals to freeze and use the crock pot. This is so helpful!!!

  13. How did it turn out? Thanks for the idea of how you prepped meals for the
    week, I’m so going to do the same.

  14. Thanks a lot, I am a bachelor, and this will work for me. take care.

  15. bridget nicholson

    Great ideas! I can’t wait to try them.

  16. like your idea!!

  17. I love that our daughter is in this video. This is what it is like for me,
    a working mom, to cook also…and she is so cute!

  18. Omg this is easy thanks for sharing

  19. Wow, those cans.

  20. Yumiiii

  21. You bet…I’m always looking for easy crock pot recipes

  22. Girls too hott to pay attention.

  23. Need an assistant?

  24. Would there be any chance you could let me know how much of each ingredient
    you used in this dinner?

  25. I am soooo going to do this! Will probably toss some carrots in, too.

  26. How much of everything did u use

  27. TheCynicalDouche

    Cindy’s got some tits.

  28. Did you have to cut the ham up at any point?

  29. Wow this seems simple. What kinds of ham flavor it best if you were going
    to add some seasonings which would you recommend? Also I was pretty sure
    for the first few seconds that you were just wearing a nightie. Giggity.
    Such a healthy sounding meal goes perfect with such a healthy looking host

  30. Botch13 - ThePeanutGallery

    Came for the recipe, stayed for the host!

  31. I made this a while ago when I first watched this video. It was so, so
    good! Had to come back again because I forgot what kind of ham to use…
    now I making it again. I’ll be serving sweet corn on the cob and cornbread
    on the side. Thanks girl

  32. You have inspired me to cook…and earn points…so to speak ;-)

  33. nice tites!!

  34. Richard Beauchesne

    Cindy your a smoke show 

  35. Can’t wait. I just started the timer. 7hrs and 57min left lol. Looks good.

  36. MILF!

  37. DAYUM, girl you are hawt

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