Friday, November 28, 2014
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Home » Recipes » Crock pot recipes » Bodybuilding Crockpot Recipe #6 Chicken Alfredo


  1. Damn no one answered my question


  3. Not Your Typical Mermaid

    Once again looks delicious !!! Great JOB!!

  4. Yo B where the west chester sauce!

  5. Don’t u suppose 2 cook meat separate because of bacteria?

  6. SCS Powerlifting

    On my way for that plate!! Damn!!

  7. Beast what do u do for your reg 9 to 5 not to get personal

  8. Arshak Hakobyan

    no such thing as man size plate, men go for seconds

  9. Sent this one to the wife!

  10. protein+carbs=smash hit.good one EB

  11. Hyperbolic Hypertrophy

    Playlist with all ur recipes please

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