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Bodybuilding Crockpot Recipe #7 Easy Ass Chicken

bodybuilding food straight from the crockpot, high protein baby!
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  1. question: if i put it on high will it be have the time? 4 hours

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  3. RoarFitnessQuest

    Love the shit you’re putting out there bro. Was chicken moist or was it dry
    as fuck?

  4. usually a shake or 2

  5. what do u eat when your out for 8-9 hours

  6. question: DO you clean the chicken before you cook it on the Crockpit?
    Great video

  7. I still have the original cassette I got from Tower Records from back in da

  8. lookout3rdrail4the

    keep posting your vids man, great job and info. Peace

  9. FatGuySkinnyWallet

    It couldn’t be any simpler…even I couldn’t mess that up! ~Khaleef

  10. great vid beast, chicken looks bomb! gotta try these crockpot recipes once
    school starts, huge time saver

  11. Looks good man. How is the fat loss going?

  12. slow lol

  13. rep that Raekwon .nice sandwich..I made one similar to that in one of my

  14. only built 4 cuban links baby

  15. it was moist, i hate when its dry

  16. Francis Williams
Explanio video creator
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