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How to Make Soap in a Turkey Roaster Crock Pot with Recipes

How to cook soap in a great big turkey roaster crock pot. I can make 3 double batches in this turkey roaster but you have to know the tricks to it so i am tr…
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  1. I am totally hooked. I placed my order for supplies and they should be here
    in 2 days. I just so happen to be off work for 2 weeks recovering from a
    dislocated finger. I will have plenty of time to make soap.

  2. great

  3. Vania Cruz-Perez

    Thank you for making these videos. I want to learn to make soaps for my
    household use.

  4. i find with the low eo recipe amount…. that it cures out the same amount
    of time the higher heat recipe does with higher volume eo. i have not tried
    it yet with the higher volume eo recipes. so i would think it might ad 2 to
    3 days. i made this on a tuesday, cut wed, and package the next tuesday
    most of the time as that is when my employee comes in for a full days work.
    so we do the packaging each week on tuesday. but it can be packaged as fast
    as 3 days after cut if it is not a rainy week.

  5. thank you so much. i decided it was a must to hope it helps you guys find
    me. yea!!! it worked. lol lol

  6. What a good daughter !! Lol . The next time I buy a soap mold, I’ll be sure
    to buy from your dad :)

  7. your videos are awesome… love your passion for soap and lotion making :D

  8. yes you can. great idea too

  9. Hey Kim thanks!! I also really like the new “photo ID” for the videos makes
    them easy to spot!!!Thanks for sharing

  10. could you use a silicone whisk instead?

  11. Very interesting, thanks. How much curing time does the low-temperature HP
    soap needs in comparison to HP soap cooked with regular heat?

  12. do you have any videos of you making soap using the stove top? not the oven
    but the top of the stove. i really love your videos.

  13. Thanks for the video Kim! You look absolutely better with your black apron,
    I liked it so much! :D

  14. thank you so much. he gets so happy when i call him and tell him he has a
    order. he is a sweet dad

  15. i am going to try this very very soon. it sounds so fun

  16. thank you so much. black is slimming lol lol

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