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  1. looks amazing. i’m your big fan.

  2. These are not Shami Kebabs. Shami Kebabs are made with pre-boiled meat blended together with boiled chickpea lentil. The Kebabs he made are regular kebabs.

  3. anyone made this?

  4. STIR!~~

  5. wat kind of yogurt do you think he’s using?

  6. Gordon Ramsay’s recipe for spicy lam shami kababs with mint, lime and yo g hurt sauce.

  7. mint n yogurt dressing ewwww, made the mistake of buying a sandwich from greggs with it on haha. obviously i knoew greggs is nowhere in comparison to ransey but ya kno


    guys what are those spices what he adds to the blender ? i understand just fennel seeds -,-

  9. I really have to STOP watching any of Gordon’s cooking vids when I’m hungry. :(


  11. Has anyone realized that they always use the same song by the black eye peas for his videos?

  12. unbeliveable!

  13. yohgurte

  14. im gonna make my burger patties like that

  15. gordon too fast for my computer. video froze half way while it was buffering.

  16. DONE!!~~~

  17. kuadgvfw…DONE!!!

  18. i wanna be a chef just like you when im done school :)

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