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How to Cook Nigerian Egusi Soup There are two main methods of cooking the Nigerian Egusi Soup. The first method is by frying the egusi in oil then adding other ingredients. The second method which I detailed in the video does not involve any frying and this makes it the healthier option. This is why it is my preferred method of cooking the Nigerian Egusi Soup. Ingredients for the Nigerian Egusi Soup Egusi Seeds: 4 medium cups Assorted beef (best cut, shaki, goat meat etc) Assorted dry fish (stockfish, dry fish mangala etc) Red Palm Oil: 3 cooking spoons Crayfish: a handful Bitterleaf: a handful Seasoning: 3 Maggi/knorr cubes Chilli Pepper (to taste) Salt (to taste) Notes: Add water to the Egusi soup like you would when cooking white rice. When you notice the water drying up, add a bit more so that you soup will not end up watery. Add salt last when cooking egusi soup. Egusi soup gets salt from the fish crayfish and stockfish so it is very easy for it to go salty so be careful how to add salt to egusi soup. Serve with any African fufu. Background Music: The Owl Named Orion by Dano

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  1. NigerianFoodRecipes

    @queen2be1000 I have a video about how to prepare the dry bitterleaves coming up so watch out for it :)

  2. NigerianFoodRecipes

    @sherry0091 Egusi gets done after 30 minutes and you will definitely see the oil then. Depending on the egusi seeds, you may start seeing it earlier, say from 15 minutes but you need to cook it till it is well done and for the maximum amount of oil to come out :)

  3. NigerianFoodRecipes

    @noturavgirl88 I’m so happy to learn that you successfully prepared the Egusi soup. I was so worried that I was not so helpful :( No, thank YOU for going for it even when you had very little information, you are a go-getter!

  4. for how long kn i cook it b4 it brings out dat slightly yellowish oil?tnx 4 answering tho :)

  5. @NigerianFoodRecipes thanks…I completely understand on not measuring properly but by taste. I ended up making it already and my family loves it! Usually when I make it it’s done completely different…I’ll be using this recipe from now on ; ) …Thanks again!!!

  6. Look’s soo GOOD.. Can u show me how to prep the BITTER LEAF before the soup…

  7. NigerianFoodRecipes

    @sherry0091 Some people add a tiny quantity of tinned tomato puree to touch up on the colour of Egusi soup dear. If you don’t want to do that, Egusi seeds contain a lot of oil and if you cook it long enough, you will see some clear/slightly yellow oil appear on the soup. I have actually eaten Egusi soup cooked without palm oil and did not notice any difference in taste. The palm oil is purely for colour if you ask me :)

  8. question pls…if u dnt ve palm oil, wat kn b a replacement?

  9. NigerianFoodRecipes

    @noturavgirl88 Depends on the appetite of the people being served. :DDDD This is Nigerian food dear. We don’t “measure people’s stomach” lol. We usually make wayyyy more than enough because it stores well in the freezer :)

  10. NigerianFoodRecipes

    @noturavgirl88 mmmmh … Use the ratio: 1 cup of Egusi seeds = 1.5 cups ground Egusi. As stated in the description and in all my videos, always add salt or pepper to YOUR own taste. I may like my meals hot/salty and you may not so … A handful is the quantity I can get by dipping my finger tips into a mound of crayfish. Sorry for not being more helpful but with Nigerian food we don’t measure the ingredients in exact pounds or kilos, we cook by taste and look.

  11. @noturavgirl88 also, how many servings does this make?

  12. a few questions: If you buy the melon already grounded how many cups will you need then? Also for the crayfish and bitterleaves, do you need about a cup to be considered a handful, or more? And how many habanero peppers do you use?


  13. NigerianFoodRecipes

    @gbengaani You are welcome dear. Egusi soup needs no dramas :DDDD

  14. NigerianFoodRecipes

    @babyhoney58 I’m happy to hear that dear :)

  15. Thank for this very explicit video on cooking Egusi. It is very clear and straight forward no useless comedy or drama. God bless you real good.

  16. thank you so much for this vido! you d best cooker of Egusi i try it just your style of cooking it and i really enjoy oooooo sweet!!!

  17. NigerianFoodRecipes

    @coococandy lol! Anyone dear, I know it is with good intentions. Restaurant ko, Catering service ni, I just dey cook the one my family and my lovely people like you dey chop (albeit with only your eyes) :DDDDDDDDDDD

  18. I wanted to pray for you but dint know when i started cursing..LOL.. Your the shit mehn! Hope you have naija restaurant or catering service oooo?

  19. NigerianFoodRecipes

    @ADADIKE lol @ Chineke mehhh!

  20. hey chineke meeeehhh….i must cook this one :)

  21. NigerianFoodRecipes

    @charmaineizu Daalu Nwunye m. You are real “O ma obi di ya!!” Thanks for trying it and giving me such great feedback :)

  22. @NigerianFoodRecipes ……HE COULD NOT STOP EATING …..he said that he smelt it as soon as he opened the door …thank you so much will be making this method from now on!!! IMENA.XXXX

  23. NigerianFoodRecipes

    @charmaineizu Oh you are welcome my dear wife! I can’t wait to hear all about Oga’s reaction!

  24. I am doing egussi your method today!!! its looking perfect not to talk of taste !!! cannot wait for ogas reaction when he tastes it!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH.XXX

  25. I am doing it right now!!! and its looking good!!! cnt wait for oga!!!!

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