Healthy & Easy Tuna Recipe : Gourmet Recipes

Healthy & Easy Tuna Recipe : Gourmet Recipes

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Not all tuna recipes need to be endlessly complicated. Learn about tuna recipes that are both healthy and easy with help from an experienced chef in this free video clip.

Expert: Justin Everett
Bio: Justin Everett is a longtime resident of the Bay Area with extensive experience in California’s Wine Country.
Filmmaker: Steven Watkins

Series Description: A lot of gourmet recipes can be made right in the comfort of your very own kitchen, as long as you have access to the right tools and the right recipes. Get tips on preparing your own gourmet recipes with help from an experienced chef in this free video series.

The Easy Vegan Cookbook: Make Healthy Home Cooking Practically Effortless

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Quick and Tasty Plant-Based Recipes That the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Bestselling author Kathy Hester hits the bulls-eye with a brand new cookbook to solve a big vegan dilemma: how to make vegan food that is fast, easy and lip-smackingly delicious. The Easy Vegan Cookbook, packed with 80 recipes, is a must-have cookbook for vegans with families, busy schedules, limited budgets and hearty appetites for healthy food that simply tastes good. With recipes like Creamy Broccoli and Potato Casserole and Veggie “PotPie” Pasta, readers will have a stockpile of quick recipes that they can count on to be delicious. Additionally, many of the recipes are gluten-free, soy-free and oil-free, for those who have other dietary restrictions or preferences.

This cookbook includes chapters such as Make-Ahead Staples and Speedy Stir-Fries, as well as recipes such as Inside-Out Stuffed Pepper Stew, Creamy Cauliflower Pesto Pasta and “Vegged-Out” Chili. No longer will weeknight meal planning be a source of stress. With The Easy Vegan Cookbook, vegans everywhere can enjoy easy, fast and family-friendly recipes for amazing food.

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