How much NYC service industry workers are tipped. Is it the same in your area?

Tim Urban of Wait But Why recently completed an informal but thorough survey of 123 New Yorkers whose work involves being tipped, including…

…waiters, bartenders, baristas, manicurists, barbers, busboys, bellmen, valets, doormen, cab drivers, restaurant delivery people, and even some people who don’t get tipped but I’m not sure why, like acupuncturists and dental hygienists.

Here are the statistical results of his research…

Tipping Stats

Would you say that his findings are about what you’d expect in your area, too?

(Also, be sure to see his full post for an entertaining and in-depth look at these results.)

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  1. Seeing the chart above left me open mouthed in shock. In ireland we are not expected to tip. In coffee shops the odd person may give 50cent or €1 tip but this is rare. The only time I tip is if I go to a restaurant for dinner with friends and it is a gang of us. We leave about €5 tip but a lot of peole do not. The idea of having to tip nerly every service you use shocks me a lot. What if you are over in America you buy food in a coffee shop, you only have enough to p ay for the food without a tip? You may leave feeling bad and getting awful looks and talked about in an unpolite way. Everytime you go out to eat you would have to keep remembering as order plus 15% at least onto the price. It would do my head in. Wait staff in U.S.A should be paid more so people do not feel pressured into tipping.I know not related to this item but U.S.A havimg clothes price on hanger not the price with the tax, you do not know the full price until you get to the checkout and tax added. That seems bizzare and I do not see why this happens? It does not happen here.

  2. I always tip wait staff 20%. They’re not even paid $3 an hour so they rely on tips. The people who work at Dunkin Donuts or the local bagel shop/ice cream parlor, however, are paid at least minimum wage. I don’t tip them.

  3. I just don’t get it. Why does the waiter/waitress get a higher tip for carrying out a steak or a lobster vs a hamburger or hotdog. They did the same amount of work in both cases. For the higher priced item the owner had to pay more for ingredients, and the chef had to work harder, but not the wait staff….. I always feel scammed.

  4. Was visiting Chicago a couple of years ago and everytime we were going to give a tip we were refused……Was so confused…..from waiters, to cab rides to hotel doormen….although we did leave good tips for our hotel room maids, including a bottle of champers we got on arrival (we dont drink/like champers)

  5. I just think their bosses should pay them more. I’m from England and the idea of having to tip everytime for a drink seems appalling as the prices are already so high. Maybe on a large round of drinks. The only people who get tipped generally are waiters/waitresses.

  6. This gets me every time, now they have credit card readers right there, but you can’t add a tip to your card and I never have cash and I don’t know whether to tip or not…I end up going somewhere else because its just not worth it.

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