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  1. +1 to all you paramedics, my grandad had a stroke on Christmas Eve 10 years ago and he’s still here thanks to you guys

  2. I’m certain that whomever the patient here is feels horribly violated by the identifying images of their hair that are now on the internet.

  3. Photographer appears to have taken pains to ensure that the gurney is verifiably occupied, but occupant identification is not possible

  4. As someone who used to date a paramedic: Yeah, of course you complain about it. I’ve never met someone who never complains about their work.

  5. Not a violation of FOIPA or HIPPA. No identifying characteristics are visible. (I also work in health care)

  6. I’m 4 months into EMT training… only two months left! My first rotation is in a month… wish me luck!!!

  7. Well…shit. Thank you for what you do, and probably shouldn’t take pictures of people in the back of an ambulance.

  8. This picture is K. you can’t tell anything about anything in this picture. Also maybe he asked? You dunno and neither do I.

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