Meet The New Mayor of a Small Town Called Raddit Rush

This headline would probably won’t be interesting unless the mayor just happens to be a dog

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    Brynn, short for Brynneth Pawltrow, is a 3-year-old rescue pit bull that now runs the town of Rabbit Hash, 78 miles north of Lexington, Kentucky

    Via: Inside Edition

  • 2

    The dog was elected mayor in a landslide election, winning with more than 3,000 votes

    Via: Inside edition

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    Brynn is the fourth dog to be elected mayor of the 300-person village of Rabbit Hash.

    Via: Inside Edition

    Since 1998, the townspeople have realized they don’t actually need a mayor, and instead use the election as a local fundraiser.

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    Voters paid a dollar to have their say, with all the proceeds going back into the community

    Via: Inside Edition

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    Jordie Bamforth says her 3-year-old pit bull beat out a cat, a chicken and a donkey, among others, to become the next mayor of Rabbit Hash

    Via: Inside Edition

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    Following a year of nasty political debates and controversy, it’s so refreshing to find a candidate that the whole country can unite around

    Via: Inside Edition

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