Oops: Pelosi: I totally support right to bear arms in the First Amendment


We guess Nancy Pelosi never bothered to read The Constitution to find out what’s in it. Like to her fellow gun-grabber Piers Morgan, amendment thingies are hard!

#fns Did Pelosi just say 1st amendment when she meant 2nd??? #incompetent

— Hilliard Patriot (@HilliardPatriot) February 10, 2013

@foxnewssundaydid Pelosi just refer to the Second Amendment as the First Amendment?

— Alex Sherrill (@AlexSherrill2) February 10, 2013

Evidently, yes, she did. During a dismal performance on “Fox News Sunday,” Nancy Pelosi confused the First and Second Amendments.

Nancy Pelosi on Fox News Sunday this morning.Said the right to keep and bear arms is the First Amendment.

— Donny Ferguson (@DonnyFerguson) February 10, 2013

“We avow the First Amendment, we stand with that and say that people have the right to own a gun.” -Rep. Nancy Pelosi, (D, California)

— Benjamin Hartford (@CVyoungGOP) February 10, 2013

#Pelosi is a bumbling idiot. She just said in an interview this morning that she believes in the first amendment of people owning guns Woww

— John Dee (@dasranter) February 10, 2013

Anyone else catch Nancy Pelosi this morn on Fox? Someone tell her it’s the 2nd not the 1st amendment on gun control. Miss puppet to Obama!

— Kay (@paulson458) February 10, 2013

Nancy Pelosi just said we support the “1st amendment” with the right to bear arms…are you kidding me Nancy it’s the 2nd #noonelikesyou

— Jake Richardson (@JRich7_3) February 10, 2013

Nancy Pelosi just said she avows the 1st Amendment for Gun owners! Now if she’d only avow the 2nd!#Mdpolitics#Mdcons#Mdreps#tcot

— Mike Smigiel (@MikeSmigiel) February 10, 2013

Pelosi is so dumb she doesn’t even know the difference between the 1st and 2nd amendment as she showed typical ignorance on Fox News Sunday!

— Matt Keye (@bigtymetweet) February 10, 2013

@foxnewssunday @nancypelosiMs. Pelosi says “we respect first amendment & right to defend oneself”She needs to reread the Bill of Rights!

— Jim Hall (@tryonagitator) February 10, 2013

Watching an interview w pelosi about gun regulations..she jst said ‘i have a strong stance of upholding the 1st amendment’…uhhh wrong 1…

— Andrea Kay (@AyeKayLilley) February 10, 2013

@foxnewssundayOMG Did Nancy Pelosi just say she supports the ‘1st Amndt’ on having guns? Should someone tell her its the 2nd Amndt?

— Darlene Aliperto (@daliperto) February 10, 2013

Apparently Pelosi thinks the 1st amendment protects our right to bear arms, how on earth did she even find the studio this morning?

— Hans(@omhoog_meester) February 10, 2013


Dear Nancy Pelosi: When trying to stomp on The Constitution and infringe upon the right to bear arms, at least have the common courtesy to learn which amendment you seek to quash.

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