What This Young Girl Can Do With Just About Any Animal Is Nothing Short Of Amazing. WOW.

Each of us have unique gifts, but the special talent 15 year-old Amelia Forman has is so incredible, it’s almost unbelievable. Since she was a toddler, she has had a very special connection with animals in the world around her. Dogs, cats, birds, horses, deer, kangaroos and monkeys have all been her close companions. The connections are so incredible, her photographer mother Robin Schwartz even published a collection of photos of her daughter and her animals, called Tiny Vices: Amelia’s World. Now that Amelia is getting older, she is contributing more to the photo shoots and ideas of what she and her mother can do with the animals… giving us a peek into an amazing life.

For the past 12 years, Amelia has had a very special and intimate connection with animals.

To her, interacting with all sorts of animals was completely normal.

She didn’t realize how incredibly lucky she was.

Her mother Robin has been able to capture countless special moments between Amelia and the animals.

Her connection with these creatures is amazing.

It’s hard not to be jealous.

These animals are like her siblings.

She plays with them, shares secrets…

And even shares a bathtub from time to time.

Amelia is an inspiration to us all and she didn’t even realize it.

We’re part of the world around us.

And we should try to fit in naturally with our animals friends like she does.

Source: Robin Schwartz via My Modern Met Amelia and her mother are attempting to create a new collection of images, focusing on her rapport with the animals. If you’d like to support their project, visit their Kickstarter page. Being able to get more glimpses of their life would be a treasure. The second book will be called Amelia And The Animals and it’s bound to be just as good as the first. What a wonderful world Amelia lives in; share these photos with others by clicking on the Share button.

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