You’d be surprised what’s been #FoundByCuriosityOnMars!/girlycubfan/status/232566680012869632

The nation was united in pride last night as the Mars rover Curiosity landed safely on the Martian surface after “seven minutes of terror” falling through the atmosphere. It took more than eight months for Curiosity to reach its destination, and about eight minutes for the #FoundByCuriosityOnMars hashtag to turn political.

Mitt Romney’s tax returns are on everyone’s minds, and the offshore bank account meme is going strong.

#FoundByCuriosityOnMars Another offshore Romney account

— Eric (@diggaduh) August 6, 2012

The red staters, though, seemed determined to claim the red planet, like Twitter, for their own.

#FoundByCuriosityOnMars MT @SumErgoMonstro: Martians registered to vote by ACORN.

— Razor (@hale_razor) August 6, 2012

#FoundByCuriosityOnMars Obama's plan to cut the deficit in half by 2013.

— Justin (@theGrudgeRetort) August 6, 2012

#FoundByCuriosityOnMars Obama's Job Council

— Atticus Frank (@AtticusLeeFrank) August 6, 2012

#FoundByCuriosityOnMars The lone MSNBC viewer

— Jim Madsen (@madsenjim) August 6, 2012

The missing @SenateDems 's budget plan. #FoundByCuriosityOnMars

— AG (@AG_Conservative) August 6, 2012

#FoundByCuriosityOnMars Harry Reid's reliable source

— Tom Douglas (@TomDouglas10) August 7, 2012

#FoundByCuriosityOnMars Al Gore's "lock box"

— Proof (@ProofBlog) August 7, 2012

#FoundByCuriosityOnMars Chief Roberts' intestinal fortitude

— Bereket Kelile (@BKelile) August 7, 2012

#FoundByCuriosityOnMars >>> Sean Penn's patriotism.

— Janice εїз America!™ (@butterf1ylover) August 7, 2012

#FoundByCuriosityOnMars Those Shovel ready jobs

— Kevin B Snyder (@Kevinbsnyder) August 7, 2012

#FoundByCuriosityOnMars Solyndra

— Proud Clinger (@DebyBennett) August 6, 2012

#FoundByCuriosityOnMars States 51 thru 57

— John Smith (@atempdog) August 6, 2012

#FoundByCuriosityOnMars Twitter Gulag

— Dr. Marty Fox (@DrMartyFox) August 6, 2012

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